Manual Setup

Arize AI integration via Slack emails

Set up your model's monitors to automatically notify your Slack channel when a monitor has been triggered. Arize AI integrates with Slack via Slack's email feature. Integrating Arize AI monitor notifications with Slack centralizes your team's discussion around monitor notifications for more efficient discovery, coordination and resolution of model issues that your monitors have surfaced.

For manual setup instructions, continue below. To learn how to use Arize's native integration with Slack, see the instructions here.


Visit Slack's Help Center here for more details and additional options for setting up a Slack email.

1. In your Slack workspace, navigate to the channel to which you would like monitor notifications sent.

2. Open the channel's Settings.

3. Under the Integrations tab, select the "Send emails to this channel" option.

4. Follow the prompt to retrieve a Slack email address for your channel.

5. Enter the Slack email address into the "Alerts" section of your monitor's config. You can also set this email on your model's config page as the default email for your model's managed monitors.

Once you've completed these steps, a message will appear in your Slack channel whenever your monitor's status changes.

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