File Upload

Drag & Drop a file through the Arize UI

Supported File Types

Arize supports CSV, Parquet, and Avro. The required model schema parameters vary based on the specific model type selected. Learn more about model types here.

embeddings_features and list_of_strings are available for Parquet and Avro files.

How To Upload A Local File

Uploading a local file is as simple as dropping a file into the upload container and can be broken down into a few easy steps.

  • Go to the 'Upload Data' page from the left-side navigation and click on Local Files

  • Fill out model schema fields using this schema reference

  • Validate your file; errors will be displayed on this page

  • 'Start Job' to create a file import job for your local file

    • You’ll be taken to the Job Status tab to see your local file uploads

  • Go to Job Status Tab to see your local file uploads

Local File Upload Model Schema

Model schema parameters are a way of organizing model inference data to ingest to Arize. When configuring your schema, be sure to match your file column headers with the model schema. Use a form or a simple JSON-based schema to specify the column mapping.

Example Row









No Claims

No Claims


Example Schema

  "prediction_id": "prediction_id",
  "timestamp": "prediction_ts",
  "features": "feature/", #with explicit features (must pick explicit or implicit) 
  "prediction_score": "prediction_score",
  "prediction_label": "prediction_label",
  "actual_score": "actual_score",
  "actual_label": "actual_label",
  "tags": "tag/",
  "shap_values": "shap/",
  "exclude": ["user_id"]

Schema Parameters

Learn more about Schema fields here. Refer here for a list of the expected data types for Schema fields by file type.

We currently support uploading one file at a time, and a maximum file size of 300 mb.

To upload multiple files or larger files, use one of our data connectors.

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