Wildcard Paths for Cloud Storage

Using Wildcards in Path Specifications

Our cloud storage paths support wildcards (**) to facilitate flexible file and directory matching. Here are the guidelines for using wildcards:

  • Wildcard Placement: Wildcards can be used at the beginning or end of a sub-directory name.

    • ** matches any sequence of sub-directories.

    • **abc** matches any sub-directories containing "abc".

    • abc** matches sub-directories starting with "abc".

    • **abc matches sub-directories ending with "abc".

  • Multiple Wildcards: If you know the exact number of sub-directory layers between your bucket and your desired sub-directory, you must declare each layer of wildcards.

    • Example for three intermediary layers: s3://bucket/**/**/**/model

  • Limitation on Layers: You can use up to three layers of wildcards (**).

  • No Mid-String Wildcards: Wildcards are not supported in the middle of a path segment.

    • Examples of invalid usage: **abc**def, abc**def, abc****def

Please ensure your path specifications adhere to these guidelines to avoid validation errors.

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