Use our PagerDuty alerting integration to enhance model monitoring

Arize + PagerDuty Benefits

Arize supports native integration with PagerDuty to streamline your monitoring workflows using PagerDuty services. Use our Pagerduty integration to keep your teams in the loop, send more comprehensive metadata through alerts, and debug your models faster by:

  • Notifying on-call responders based on ML model monitors from Arize

  • Creating high and low urgency incidents based on the severity of the event from the Arize AI event payload

  • Catching and debugging ML model issues faster with more comprehensive metadata


Users will require a non-read-only account in Arize in order to create and use the Pagerduty integration.

Having trouble? Reach out to us via email or Slack us in the #arize-support channel for more support.

Integration Setup

Alerting integrations can be configured in two ways on the Arize platform: either in your Organization Settings or the 'Config' Tab.

Integration Setup: Organization Settings

Since integrations are available at the organization level, you can set up an integration by clicking on your organization name on the top left corner of any page and clicking into the 'Integrations' tab at the top of the navigation bar. From there, pick on the integration you want to set up for your organization, in this case: PagerDuty.

Integration Setup: 'Config' Tab

You can also add an alerting integration via the 'Config' tab within a model. From there, scroll down to the 'Integration' card where you can begin your API integration setup.

Learn how to programmatically edit alerting integrations using our GraphQL API here

Create an API Integration on PagerDuty

There are two ways to collect the API key from PagerDuty. The Arize platform supports PagerDuty's Simple Install workflow to easily integrate both platforms without the need to go back and forth manually. If you opt-out of the simple install flow, you can manually collect your integration key to use on the Arize platform.

Simple Installation

On the integration pop-up window within the Arize platform, click Connect to Pagerduty. This will redirect you to Pagerduty, where you will be prompted to log into your account.

From there, select the services that you want to integrate with and click Connect. You will be redirected back to Arize and see your selected service(s) available as integrations in the app.

Manual Installation

From the 'Services' tab in the PagerDuty platform, click on the service relevant to your model. Within your service, click on the 'Integrations' tab located in the navigation bar and click 'Add another integration'. From there, search for Arize AI and click 'Add' to access your API key.

Once you've copied your key, navigate back to the Arize platform to enter your key and select your alert's severity.

To create a new service, please read Configuring Services and Integrations and follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Service section

Learn more about PagerDuty and how to create an API integration here.

Send Alerts

After you save your alerting service on the Arize platform, designate your model and monitor specific alerts via the 'Config' Tab or within individual monitors.

You can add multiple integrations for more tailored alerting specific to teams, access, and monitors.

Send Alerts: Model

From any page, click on the 'Config' Tab on the right under the main navigation bar. Scroll down to the 'Alert Email' card and click on the drop-down menu to select which integration(s) to send your models triggered alerts to.

Send Alerts: Monitor

Customize individual monitors to send alerts to a different or additional integration to keep an eye on a specific monitor.

How to Uninstall

Delete individual integrations from the PagerDuty config page by clicking the trash icon.

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