Tracing Core Concepts

How to log traces

To log traces, you must instrument your application either manually or automatically. To log to a remote instance of Phoenix, you must also configure the host and port where your traces will be sent.

When running running Phoenix locally on the default port of 6006, no additional configuration is necessary.

import phoenix as px
from phoenix.trace import LangChainInstrumentor



# run your LangChain application

How to turn off tracing

Tracing can be paused temporarily or disabled permanently.

Pause tracing using context manager

If there is a section of your code for which tracing is not desired, e.g. the document chunking process, it can be put inside the suppress_tracing context manager as shown below.

from phoenix.trace import suppress_tracing

with suppress_tracing():
    # Code running inside this block doesn't generate traces.
    # For example, running LLM evals here won't generate additional traces.
# Tracing will resume outside the block.

Uninstrument the auto-instrumentors permanently

Calling .uninstrument() on the auto-instrumentors will remove tracing permanently. Below is the examples for LangChain, LlamaIndex and OpenAI, respectively.

# etc.

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