Phoenix is backed by a SQL database. By default, if you run phoenix with no configuration, it uses SQLite. However you can also configure Phoenix to use PostgreSQL as the backend database as well.

Persistence is only available for 'arize-phoenix>=4.0.0'

Persistence for notebooks (a.k.a. launch_app) is disabled by default. To enable persistence in notebooks, set the use_temp_dir to false.


By default Phoenix uses SQLite so that it runs with no external dependancies. This SQLite instance is by default mounted in the directory specified by the PHOENIX_WORKING_DIR environment variable (default value in your home directory, e.x. ~/.phoenix/). The easiest way to make Phoenix to persist data is to back this working directory to a mounted volume. Attach the mounted volume to the phoenix pod and point PHOENIX_WORKING_DIR to that volume (e.x. /mnt/volume)\


Phoenix also can natively be backed by PostgreSQL. To make Phoenix talk to PostgreSQL instead of SQLite, you will have to set the PHOENIX_SQL_DATABASE_URL to your PostgreSQL instance.

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