FAQs: Deployment

Frequently asked questions about deploying phoenix

Permission denied writing to disc

Some phoenix containers run as nonroot and therefore must be granted explicit write permissions to the mounted disc (see https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/security-context/). Phoenix 4.1.3 and above run as root by default to avoid this. However there are debug and nonroot variants of the image as well.

Persistence using launch_app

While it's not recommended to deploy phoenix via launch_app which is designed to be used only in jupyter notebooks, you can set the use_temp_dir parameter to false to write to the PHOENIX_WORKING_DIR. See Configuration

Interacting with a deployed instance

If you have deployed a phoenix instance, there is no need to use px.launch_app. Simply set the endpoint parameter in px.Client to the url of your phoenix instance. See Client

Using gRPC for trace collection

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