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Databricks Table Import Capability

Customers who store their model data in Databricks can now send this data to Arize through a Databricks table import job. Learn how to set up an import job using Databricks here.

Table and Embeddings Projector Views on Performance Tracing

The Table View enables users to see and interact with individual records in a simple table. This is similar to a df.head within a notebook environment. Explore any column in your data, including features and tags, using the Primary Column selector. Customize your table view by adding/removing columns, and re-ordering columns. Learn more here.

The Embeddings Projector view automatically surfaces the worst performing clusters for quick troubleshooting. This additional view is especially helpful when troubleshooting LLMs with prompts and responses, where switching between the Table, Embeddings Projector, and Slice views can help teams get a full picture of how their LLM is performing. Learn more here.


Drift Line Charts in Dashboards

Users can now create line charts with drift metrics. After selecting a model, select any drift metric corresponding to the model & dimension type (PSI, KL Divergence, Euclidean Distance, KS statistic). Users can select custom comparison baselines - pinpointing specific versions and/or batches and selecting a moving window from production.

Support for Any Model in the Hugging Face Hub for Embedding Generation

You can use any model available in the Hugging Face Hub, public or private. If you are using a private model, you will need to authenticate with Hugging Face first. Learn more here.

Temporary Passwords, Admin Power Reset, Change Password in Arize

Account Admins can now choose create users with temporary passwords. Upon logging in with a temporary password, users will be prompted to immediately change their password.

Admins can now also reset a user’s password on their behalf, either by sending a reset password link, or by issuing a temporary password.

In the News

The latest in educational and enablement content from Arize!

πŸ“š New Paper Readings

Catch up on the latest in AI research papers with these new community readings:

πŸŽ“ New LLMOps and Metrics Course Content

New modules covering key concepts and best practices for leveraging LLMs effectively in the real world.

❄️ Snowflake + Arize

We’re thrilled to announce that Snowflake and Arize have joined forces to supercharge the machine learning (ML) toolchain and streamline how our joint customers access, analyze, and act on their machine learning model insights.

πŸŒ‰ Modelbit + Arize

Modelbit and Arize’s new integration enables teams to rapidly deploy ML models into production with one line of code and begin monitoring and fine tuning instantly.

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