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Pre-Joined Evals in Arize

Arize now supports LLM assisted evals that have been generated by the Arize Phoenix evals package. Use evals to determine the performance of your LLM application across dimensions such as Hallucination, Toxicity, QA Correctness and more. Evals can also be run on a job and sent to Arize on a regular cadence. See our docs here to get started with Evals in Arize, with more releases coming to Evals soon.


deleteData Endpoint

This update allows users to self-serve data deletion through GraphQL. Learn more →

Area Under the Curve (AUC) as a Custom Metric

We now support AUC in custom metrics. Learn more →

Python SDK v7.12.0

  • Users can now send evals and spans together via the log_spans method of the Arize Pandas Client

  • On-prem users can pass a path to certificate files or disable the TLS verification.

Learn about Python SDK fixes and improvements here.

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