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What's New

Tags on Fairness

Filter by tags in the 'Fairness' tab to catch sensitive attributes passed as tags before they contribute to algorithmic harm. Follow the same troubleshooting flow for features with tags to see how your model's metadata affects your fairness metric.

Learn how to use our bias tracing tool here.

Drift Metric Selector

Visualize PSI, KL Divergence, and JS Distance in the 'Drift' tab and within each feature in the 'Feature Drift' card. The drift metric selector allows you to better understand your model's behavior across different drift metrics for simplified troubleshooting.


Drift Metric: KS Statistic

KS test statistic is a drift measurement that quantifies the maximum distance between two cumulative distribution functions. KS test is an efficient and general way to measure if two distributions significantly differ from one another.

PSI and rank ordering tests focus more on how a population may have shifted between development and validation periods, while KS statistic is used to assess the predictive capability and performance of a model.

Learn more about model metrics here.

In The News

We announced Arize’s $38 million Series B led by TCV with participation from existing investors – a record investment in the ML observability space!

Arize AI received certifications from an independent auditor validating that the company’s health information security program is fairly represented and includes the essential elements of HIPAA’s Security Rule and the HITECH Act! Learn why validating and complying with these requirements are table stakes in U.S. healthcare in this blog by Jim Groff, Compliance Officer at Arize.

Sid Roy, Machine Learning Engineer at Devron, discusses how federated learning can unlock innovation while preserving privacy in this interview with Amber Roberts, Arize MLE.

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