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Prompt Playground Redesign

We've redesigned Prompt Playground to make it easier for users to compare prompts, models, and parameters. Additionally, Prompt Playground is now a top level page so it can be used as a blank slate testing ground!

Fileimporter Wildcard Support

Users can now use wildcard (**) in prefixes for file ingestion across GCS, S3 and Azure. Supports up to 3 layers of wildcards so users can define the ingestion pattern with more flexibility.

  • ** matches any sub-directories

  • **abc** matches any sub-directories that contains "abc" anywhere

  • abc** matches any sub-directories that starts with "abc"

  • **abc matches any sub-directories that ends with "abc"

Light Mode (Beta)

Try out Light Mode, now available in beta. To turn light mode on, navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen, click the user icon -> select the sun 🔆.

Python SDK v7.14.1

  • Supports export of spans from Arize platform

  • Increases span field validation string length limits

  • Allows spaces in eval names

Learn about Python SDK fixes and improvements here.

📚 New Content

The latest paper readings, ebooks, self-guided learning modules, and technical posts:

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