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What's New

Data Ingestion Tab

The Data ingestion tab is a real-time view of the Arize platform receiving your model's data. Instantly view your models data after it's logged with ease.

Learn how to send data to the Arize platform here.


Tags empowers metadata support (used alongside model features) for slicing, cohorting, and monitoring. Commonly used as a convenient workaround to analyze groups of metadata you find important, but don't want to send as an input to the model. Find tags on the model overview page, performance tab, and as a filter option.


Python SDK 3.3.1

  • Adds support for logging tags

  • pandas.logger adds support for NDCG

    • Learn about the model types supported by the Arize platform here

In the News

When I Drift, You Drift, We Drift

Ever want a quick-and-intuitive explanation of the different types of drift, including concept drift versus data/feature/input/covariate drift? Do you love basketball metaphors? Yeah, we figured - who doesn't? Read More.

On AI Ethics: Wendy Foster, Director of Engineering and Data Science at Shopify

Wendy Foster leads the charge on merchant-focused AI innovation at Shopify, and we got to sit down with her in this latest wide-ranging Q&A. Foster talks about Shopify’s ML use cases, how the company approaches AI ethics and the broader need for observability because as she puts it, "observability is the cornerstone of operational excellence". Read More.

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