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Find items similar to your selected reference embeddings using cosine similarity. Perfect for working with image or text embeddings, this powerful tool facilitates precise comparisons, allowing you to efficiently discover similar items. Adjust your own thresholds to fine-tune search sensitivity, or explore the central tendencies of multiple embeddings to pinpoint items that best match the core attributes of your data.

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Evals and Search Available on Sessions

  1. User can now surface up evals on traces in the Sessions UI.

  2. Searching a string in the Sessions UI finds matching messages across a session containing the string.

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Easily upgrade from Free to Pro by navigating the "Plans and Usage" page, selecting change plan, and entering your billing details. Pro users can observe multiple models with larger volume, receive additional support, and unlock longer data retention.

Python SDK v.7.18.1

  • Python exporter embedding similarity search support

  • Preprocessing step for similarity search param in flightserver

Learn about Python SDK fixes and improvements here.

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