Arize Changelog

We're constantly taking your feedback into account and working on new product features and enhancements! See our most recent updates below:

Copilot, Datasets, Experiments, Guardrails, Prompt Playground, Query Filters, Tasks (Online Evals), Token Counting


Similarity Search, Evals & Search functionality for Sessions, and Python SDK v.7.18.1

Sessions, OpenAI GPT-4o integration, support for joining Evals on existing Traces, programmatically create dashboards, a homepage refresh, and Python SDK v.7.17.0.

LangChain.js Auto Instrumentation, Monitor Audit Log, and support for updating Actual and Tag values.

Prompt Playground redesign, fileimporter wildcard support, light mode (beta), and Python SDK v7.14.1

Pre-Joined Evals, deleteData Endpoint, Area Under the Curve (AUC) as a Custom Metric, Python SDK v7.12.0

GPT-4V(ision) Integration, OTEL Traces with Arize OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP), and custom LLM endpoint support in Prompt Playground

LLM Tracing, model dashboards tab revamp, and Python SDK v7.10.0

Native multi-class classification support, Dashboard -> Performance Tracing connectivity, and Model Overview refresh

Granularity selector, Slice performance over time for tracing, Google Gemini support, and Phoenix demo page


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