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What's New

Select Production as a model baseline

We now support setting historical production data as a model baseline. This enables you to compare current production performance against a prior time period in production.

Use cases include:

  • Detecting slow bleeds in model drift over time

  • Analyzing model performance seasonality

  • Understanding if an upstream change to a model's inputs is impacting production performance

New Dashboards tab on Model Overview

A new Dashboards tab is now available on the Model Overview page (or as we like to think of it: your model overview launchpad 🚀). This addition makes it simpler to locate any dashboards associated with a model and create new dashboards as you're checking in on a model.

Additional dimensions available for model health grid

Drift score for features, predictions, and actuals are now available for model health on the Model Overview page, allowing for a more comprehensive at-a-glance view of model drift across all dimensions.


  • Quicker bulk set up of drift monitors across all features/predictions/actuals

  • Added support for:

    • False negative density on feature performance heatmaps

    • Dimension Stats quantiles

    • Quantiles support for drift

  • Improvements to histogram binning for drift monitors

In the News

Why Business Executives Should be Hip to ML Tools

It's imperative for business leaders to understand how the technology their organization builds and employs powers their organization. We published a simple primer on the fundamentals of the machine learning stack that every exec should know. Read the post.

Coded Bias: An Insightful Look at AI, Algorithms and Their Risks to Society

Coded Bias is a new documentary on Netflix examining Joy Buolamwini's research on the algorithmic biases that exist within our current AI systems. It's a great piece highlighting the often unintended and unseen implications of AI technology on society. Learn more.

Google Maps and Climate Change: Using AI to Help a Changing Planet

Arize Co-founder and CEO, Jason Lopatecki, shares his thoughts on the importance of using AI and machine learning to incentivize consumers to make better decisions for the environment. Read the blog.

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