New Releases, Enhancements, Changes + Arize in the News!

What’s New?

Training & Validation Environments are now generally available!

Various Environments for a Single Model Version
Benefits of Environments:
  • Easily analyze if there is drift in features/predictions/actuals between production and a pre-production environment such as training validation
  • Compare model performance metrics from training/validation to production
  • Training/validation windows for a model are more prominently surfaced to help save you time when comparing against production.
How to Use:
  1. 1.
    Send in Training and Validation Data for a Model Version. For more details visit here and here!
  2. 2.
    All of a model's environments are surfaced in the Model Page under the Environments tab
  3. 3.
    Can be used in dashboards and monitors (coming soon)! Check out more here.

Model Performance Tab

A Performance tab is now available under the Model Page for Score & Regression Model Types. It will come soon for Binary and Multi-Classification Models - stay tuned!
This tab surfaces up key performance metrics specific to the model type. For score models, we have dynamic AUC-ROC analysis:
Score Model Performance Tab


Popover View for to see Monitors from the Model Overview Tab

We added the ability to quickly see which alerts are triggered/healthy without having to directly visit the Monitors Page. You can now see a consolidated view of a model's health from the Model Page.

What’s Changed?

New Version of Python SDK
We released a new version of the Python SDK, which requires the Model Version and a Model Type on Score Categorical Models only. For more details, check out the Python SDK Changelog here.

Arize News & Events

Arize is a proud partner of the Tecton Apply ( ) Conference! The conference has a great line up of ML practitioners speaking about how they are getting ML into the real world. Register to attend!