New Releases, Enhancements, Changes + Arize in the News!

What's New

New Datasets Tab for Models

We've made it easy to view the data sent in across various datasets. You now have a centralized view of the datasets to help you choose and configure the appropriate baseline for your model.

New Config Tab in Models

We've streamlined the ability to set model baselines and configure alerts for monitors. From the Model Overview page, click on the Config tab to adjust the settings:

  • Set or change a model baseline

  • Easily toggle on/off alerts for auto-drift monitors

  • See and edit alert contacts for auto-drift monitors

Easier Documentation Access

Our product documentation is now accessible directly from the platform navigation, making it faster than ever to find answers to your questions!


P1 and P99 now available for Model Health

We added P1 and P99 metrics to the Model Health grid so you can quickly determine if there are any features, predictions, actuals values out of range.

Navigate Back to Models from a Dashboard

We've added the ability to quickly surface what models are available on a dashboard and navigate into the model for further analysis.

Added Support for Single API

We added support allowing a single API call to accept log and bulk_log record type individually or together. Events are now zipped server-side, reducing latency of data populating in the platform. Additionally, the API makes event publishing more straightforward, allowing you to more easily drop the API call into different pipelines.

In the News

Arize Earns Spot on Forbes AI 50β€Œ

Forbes published a list of America's Most Promising AI Companies, featuring Arize AI among a diverse list of AI-focused businesses. Check out the full list of honorees along with a highlight on what AI Founders think about jobs in and after the pandemic.

Algorithmia and Arize Partner to Enable Better ML Observability for Enterprises

We’re excited to share that Arize AI and Algorithmia are partnered to help organizations deliver better models to production, maximize their performance, and minimize model risk. A technical integration tutorial is available here in our documentation. Read the announcement.

Machine Learning Ecosystem 101 Whitepaper

It can be hard staying up to date as the ML ecosystem continues growing at a rapid pace. We put together a comprehensive overview of the machine learning ecosystem to help to navigate recommendations and best practices when it comes to infrastructure, lifecycle, and workflow. Download the paper.

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