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What's New?

Model Health Metrics Automatically Surfaced in the Overview Tab

Even without setting up a monitor, we now surface up automatic model health metrics in the model overview tab. Today we support surfacing up missing values for features.

The platform will automatically surface an alert when a feature is missing values - e.g. when percent empty is greater than 1%. This makes it easier and faster to catch data quality issues when they crop up.

Additional alerts for metrics such as drift are coming soon!

Establishing a Model Baseline

The ability to define a model baseline for model performance comparison is now generally available. You can set baselines from training/validation and different model versions.


In this last sprint, our team tackled an array of UX enhancements to help streamline your workflow in Arize. A few of our favorites include:

  1. Explainability tab now available under the Model Page for a more centralized view of all aspects of your model's health.

  2. Monitor creation workflow now available under the Monitors Page to make it easier to add new monitors, wherever you happen to be in the platform

  3. Typeaheads for Categorical Values are now live in the platform to help speed up your input searches

Bug Fixes

The following issues were recently resolved in the platform:

  • Could not filter on Feature in the Heatmap Dashboard

  • Could not add a Class to Feature Slices Performance Dashboard

  • Could not add filters for Prediction Value for Explainability

In the News

The Only 3 ML Tools You Need

In this piece we discuss the three ML tools you need to make your team successful in applying machine learning in your product. Read the blog.

Playbook on How to Monitor Your Models

If you missed the latest issue of The ML Engineer Newsletter, our playbook on best practices when monitoring models is now available. Check it out here.

Tammy Le Joins Arize as VP of Marketing

We are excited to have Tammy Le join us as VP of Marketing! Check out our welcome blog post here!

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