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Dashboard Copy

Ever had to manually recreate a dashboard with a ton of widgets? Wish there was a way to just clone an existing one? Well, now you can! You can now find a "Copy dashboard" dropdown option on all your dashboards which clones your existing dashboard and creates a copy!

Model Overview Update

We've added subheaders to the Model Overview page! With the addition of Drift and Data Quality subcategories on the model overview page, users can easily map their monitors to their respective functions for increased clarity.

In the News

Machine Learning Observability 101 E-Book

Getting a model from research to production is hard. Making sure it works once its live is its own challenge. Struggling to resolve complex model issues in a post-COVID environment that often stacks the decks against easy answers? We wrote an ebook on it. Read more

Best Practices in ML Observability for Monitoring, Mitigating, and Preventing Fraud - Webinar

Does your organization build and deploy sophisticated ML models to detect fraud, the $5 trillion problem? If so, join Reah Miyara, Arize’s Head of Product and former Google AI lead for algorithms and optimization in tomorrow's webinar as he shares best practices in ML observability for fraud models. Watch it

Feast and Arize Supercharge Feature Management and Model Monitoring for MLOps

Getting machine learning to work in production is not the same as getting it to work in notebooks. Arize AI and Feast have partnered to enhance the ML model lifecycle. Empower online/offline feature transformation and serving through Feast’s feature store and detect and resolve data inconsistencies through Arize’s ML observability platform. Learn more about how you can supercharge feature management and model monitoring for MLOps. Read it

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