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How to install Phoenix for Observability and evaluation


In your Jupyter or Colab environment, run the following command to install.
Using pip
Using conda
pip install arize-phoenix
conda install -c conda-forge arize-phoenix
Note that the above only installs dependencies that are necessary to run the application. Phoenix also has an experimental sub-module where you can find LLM Evals.
pip install arize-phoenix[experimental]
Once installed, import Phoenix in your notebook with
import phoenix as px
Phoenix is supported on Python ≥3.8, <3.11.


Using docker you can run the phoenix server as a container.
docker run -p 6006:6006 arizephoenix/phoenix:latest
The commend above will run phoenix latest but you might want to use a specific image tag. The image tags correspond with the releases of phoenix on Pypi and Conda.