Arize AI
Python SDK - Google Colab
Sending data with example Google Colab

1. Sign up for Arize and get a space key

Retrieve your API and Space Key in the Space Settings section. Copy the keys for use in the Google Colab.
Space Settings

2. Go to the Google Colab

Fraud Demo Model Troubleshooting Context
You are an ML engineer at a Bank and you work on the Fraud Models. Your model predicts whether a transaction is likely to be a fraudulent transaction or not. When your model fails to identify a transaction as fraud, your bank loses money in a chargeback.
Lately, your model’s overall accuracy has declined and missed identifying many fraud transactions. Try sending in demo data for this Fraud Model to investigate this regression.
The following Google Colab walks through sending data through the Python SDK and using the platform for troubleshooting.
Google Colaboratory
The above Google Colab walks through:
  • Sending data with SDK
  • Setting up monitors
  • Troubleshooting workflows
  • Drift
  • Performance Tracing

What's Next

Go through model setup and configuration in more depth:
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1. Sign up for Arize and get a space key
2. Go to the Google Colab
What's Next