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Arize class to map up to 2 columns: prompt_template and prompt_template_version

class PromptTemplateColumnNames:
    template_column_name: Optional[str] = None
    template_version_column_name: Optional[str] = None
ParametersData TypeExpected Type in ColumnDescription



The contents of this column must be strings

Column name for the prompt template. The variables in the prompt template must be defined between double keys. Example:

My name is {{name}}.



The contents of this column must be convertible to string

Column name for the prompt template version

Code Example

from arize.utils.types import PromptTemplateColumnNames

# Declare prompt template columns
prompt_template = PromptTemplateColumnNames(
    template_column_name = "template", # column containing the prompt template
    template_version_column_name = "template_version", # column containing the version of the prompt template

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