AutoGen is a new agent framework from Microsoft that allows for complex Agent creation. It is unique in its ability to create multiple agents that work together.

The AutoGen Agent framework allows creation of multiple agents and connection of those agents to work together to accomplish tasks.

import openai
import os

# Import open-telemetry dependencies
from opentelemetry import trace as trace_api
from opentelemetry.exporter.otlp.proto.grpc.trace_exporter import OTLPSpanExporter
from opentelemetry.sdk import trace as trace_sdk
from opentelemetry.sdk.trace.export import ConsoleSpanExporter, SimpleSpanProcessor
from opentelemetry.sdk.resources import Resource

# Import the automatic instrumentor from OpenInference
from openinference.instrumentation.openai import OpenAIInstrumentor

# Set the Space and API keys as headers for authentication
headers = f"space_key={ARIZE_SPACE_KEY},api_key={ARIZE_API_KEY}"

# Set resource attributes for the name and version for your application
resource = Resource(
        "model_id":"autogen-llm-tracing", # Set this to any name you'd like for your app
        "model_version":"1.0", # Set this to a version number string

# Define the span processor as an exporter to the desired endpoint
endpoint = ""
span_exporter = OTLPSpanExporter(endpoint=endpoint)
span_processor = SimpleSpanProcessor(span_exporter=span_exporter)

# Set the tracer provider
tracer_provider = trace_sdk.TracerProvider(resource=resource)

# Finish automatic instrumentation

The individual prompt and responses are captured directly through OpenAI calls.

As callbacks are supported in AutoGen, Arize will add more agent level information.

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