Integrating Arize with model management platform, Algorithmia.

Algorithmia is an MLOps platform with APIs to serve, host and manages models. The Arize platform can easily integrate into Algorithmia to enable model observability, explainability, and monitoring.

The following example shows how to upload a model into Algorithmia, add Arize tracking to the model, and send data to the Arize platform.

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Algorithmia Integration Notebook

Arize helps you visualize your model performance, understand drift & data quality issues, and share insights learned from your models. Algorithmia is a platform for model serving and help you manage machine learning at scale.

In this notebook, we show that we can quickly create a model and download it to serve on Algorithmia, and integration with Arize platform can be done directly on Algorithmia, without needing any environment dependency aside from Algorithmia from user environment.

Step 1-2: creates a basic model and downloads it as a .pkl file to be loaded on Algorithmia.

Step 3-4: Developing and testing Algorithmia + Arize API locally

Step 5 (Outside Notebook): Develop and build for "server-side" on Algorithmia

Step 6: Test from "client-side" that the model executes properly

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