Getting Started With Programmatic Access

Learn how to gain access to the GraphQL API explorer

Overview Video

Watch this overview video to learn how to gain developer access, navigate to the API Explorer, and start your first query & mutation.

Granting Developer Permissions

The GraphQL API is considered a 'Developer Access' feature. To enable developer permissions, navigate to your organization's settings page:

From any page, click on your Organization name on the top left of the page. This will take you to a hover state where you can click on the 'View All Organizations' button. From there, click into the settings tab where you can manage 'Developer Access' for all members of your organization by toggling the 'Developer Access' switch on and off for each member.

The Arize GraphQL API is available to enterprise-grade customers. To upgrade your account contact

Accessing the API Explorer

The API explorer is an interactive editor to make API queries.

To access the API explorer from any page, enable Developer Access. Navigate to the '<>' button on the bottom left of your screen to easily enter the API explorer.

Helpful Shortcuts:

  • ⌘- Click - Open live documentation

  • ⌘- Space - Open a list of all fields on an object

  • ⌘ - Return - Run query

  • ⌘ - Shift - P - Format query

Access the API Key

Use the API key to make API queries with other tools such as cURL, Postman, and client libraries for various programming languages.

Click the 'Get Your API Key' button on the top right of the Explorer page to generate your API key.

Having trouble? Reach out to us via email or Slack us in the #arize-support channel for more support.

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