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2. Sending Data

Logging Data

To learn about the different ways that the Arize platform supports logging model inferences, head over to the Data Ingestion Overview section.
In order to log in data to your space, you will need API keys which can be found under Space Settings in the left navigation bar.
You can find 
your Space Key and API Key in the Space Settings page as shown below.
Space Settings

Confirm that Arize has Received your Data

Once you’ve successfully logged data to the Arize Platform, go to the model’s Model Overview > Data Ingestion tab to confirm that the platform has received your data.
The model's inferences are indexed by the received timestamp, NOT the timestamp of the inferences.
Model Overview Data Ingestion Tab
This page shows in real-time data ingestion stats for:
  • Received Predictions
  • Received Actuals (Delayed or sent with predictions)
  • Received Feature Importance Values
If you experience any issues regarding data ingestion, check out the SDK Data Ingestion FAQ and the File Importer Data Ingestion FAQ.
Questions? Email us at [email protected] or Slack us in the #arize-support channel
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Logging Data
Confirm that Arize has Received your Data