Arize AI

Set up Projects

Projects are the best way to organize your models on the Arize Platform

Why Make a Project?

Projects are a way to group models together for easy navigation and comparative analysis. They provide folder-like organization so that you can easily manage and navigate your different models. Models do not have to be of the same type in order to add them to a project. Other use cases include:
  • Separating out models by business function
  • Having a collection of similarly homogeneous models that only differ by locale or season

Creating a Project

Get started with projects by creating one of your own! Navigate to Projects > Create New Project in order to start. Then fill out the appropriate fields, select the models you want to include, and hit Finish.
Project creation flow

Add/Remove Models in a Project

Adding and removing models in a project is as easy as going to your project, selecting Edit Project Models, and selecting the models you want to include in your project.
Project modification flow

Delete a Project

It's easy to delete a project as well. Navigate to Config and click Delete Project.
Project deletion flow
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