How To: Copilot

Using Arize Copilot

Arize Copilot offers two distinct modes of interaction: Chat and Mini Chat. Each mode is designed to enhance your experience with the platform by integrating AI-powered assistance directly into your workflow.

Chat Interface

To utilize the full capabilities of Copilot in chat mode, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to any model within the Arize platform.

  2. Click the Copilot icon located at the bottom right of the screen to open the interface.

  3. Get started with Copilot by:

    • Selecting a quick action from the welcome screen.

    • Choosing an option from the slash menu.

    • Typing in a prompt or question directly.

  4. Access your chat history anytime through the Copilot chat interface to revisit past interactions.

Mini Chat

Mini Chat allows you to use Copilot conveniently within various parts of the Arize platform. Look for the sparkles icon, which indicates where Copilot features are available.

Current Mini Chat Applications:

  • Prompt Playground

    • Enter desired changes and click 'Generate'.

    • In the optimization modal, make any necessary adjustments to refine your prompt.

    • Click 'Accept' to test the optimized prompt in the playground. If unsatisfied, click 'Reject' to revert to the original.

  • Task Eval Builder

    • From the Task Builder, select a model and choose "Define the eval using: Arize Copilot Eval Builder".

    • Mini Chat will prompt you to enter your criteria for a custom evaluation.

    • Once the eval template is generated, you can modify it further by adding any additional requirements.

      • Note: The template automatically includes an explanation. If you prefer not to have this, you can remove it manually.

Pro Tip: The more specific your criteria, the more tailored the eval template.

  • AI Search

    • Access the query filter bar at the top of the Tracing page.

    • From the filter drop-down, enter your search criteria in Mini Chat.

      • i.e "find angry responses", "frustrated user inquiries"

    • Copilot conducts a semantic search on your data, returning the number of rows retrieved along with a summary.

    • After generating results, you can input different search criteria to refine the outcomes.

    • If you are satisfied with the results, click "Apply as Filter" to implement the filter on your traces.

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