AWS Bedrock

Integrate with AWS Bedrock

Add an AWS role to begin using Bedrock models in Arize.

Note: By adding this integration, your data may be sent to AWS or hosted model providers for certain actions within Arize (e.g., prompt playground) and your account may be billed for usage.

Select AWS Bedrock Integration

Create an AWS Role for Arize to Assume

Arize will assume the role you create to run InvokeModel commands against Bedrock models in your account. The following will create a "least privilege" role in your AWS account. It will also configure that role so that Arize can assume it.

Copy the permissions policy in Arize

Create a permission policy in your AWS account

Add the JSON from the Bedrock Integration form to your policy

Create a role with the Permissions policy you just created

Choose AWS account as the trusted entity type. If you set an external ID be sure to copy it and add it to the Bedrock integrations modal in Arize.

Add the permissions policy you created above

Create your role then go in to edit the trusted entities JSON

Navigate to the trust relationships tab for your new role. From there, copy the new role's ARN and add it to the Bedrock integration modal in Arize.

Copy the trusted entities policy from the Bedrock integration modal in Arize

Paste the trusted entities policy into the JSON editor

Supported models

  • anthropic.claude-v2

  • anthropic.claude-v1

  • anthropic.claude-instant-v1


Prompt Engineering

Set the appropriate AWS region in the prompt playground. This is stored locally in the browser after being set.

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