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Arize supports an email integration with PagerDuty. This section reviews how to set it up in PagerDuty.
Email Integration Guide
Integrating with a PagerDuty Service
<Instructions for PagerDuty platform>
1. From the Services menu, select Service Directory.
2. If you are creating a new service for your integration, please follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Service section, selecting Integrate via email as the Integration Type in step 4. Continue with step 3 (below) once you have finished these steps.
If you are adding your integration to an existing service, click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then select the Integrations tab and click Add a new integration.
3. Enter a Name for the integration, select Integrate via email, then set your desired Integration Email address. Note: An integration email address is generated for you, but you can change it to anything you like. Choose an Escalation Policy to use when the service receives an email alert. Click Add Service (for new services) or Add Integration (for existing services) when you are finished.
Important Fields for Pager Duty Setup
Insert the information for the Arize event service.
Example Filling Out for Arize Events
The above shows a filled in form for the pager duty event service.
4. Copy the Integration Email address to your clipboard. PagerDuty will open and trigger an incident when it receives an email to this integration address.
Pager Duty Events in Platform
The email generated from the PagerDuty service should be used for the alert setup in Arize.
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