Distribution Widgets

How to use a distribution widget on a dashboard


Distribution Widgets are one type of widget you can create on the dashboard. The distribution widget can analyze:
  • Features
  • Predictions
  • Actuals

Use Cases

  • Analyze distribution of any feature, prediction, actual for any time period
  • Allow you to compare distributions from Training, Validation and Production time periods
Distribution Widget - example feature called "Grade"

Widget Configuration

The selection panel inside the widget configuration supports:
  • Model Name
  • Model Versions - All or Specific
  • Model Environment:
    • Production
    • Validation
    • Training
  • Distribution over (what data to visualize)
    • Feature
    • Prediction
    • Actuals
  • Slices / Filters
    • Cohort ability to slice on any metric
Widget Options

Widget Display Options

At the top of the distribution widget there are display options that allow you to select a normalization view of the distribution or also configure the binning behavior.
Select normalize to view as normalized (each graph is separately normalized).
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